Sunday, May 14, 2017

Very Big Things Happening Here At RARE....

Calendar of events:
17 June RARE17 Berlin  
Make sure to join the attendee group:

24 February RARE18London 
**SOLD OUT** Authors and bloggers will be giving away tickets over the next few months, there will also be giveaways in the attendee group, make sure to join us:

23 June RARE18Rome 
Announcing authors after Berlin!!  We can't wait for you to find out who will be there

Surprise event the beginning of 2019!!  Because , why not?

21 September RARE19 London  Accepting Expressions of Interest: 

What you need to know about RARE17 Berlin :


RARE was not able to secure a book seller for the RARE17 Berlin event
What does this mean to me?
Titles/books traditionally published in Germany will be sold through a pre order system. All orders will be placed, RARE will invoice each order through PayPal , and all orders can be picked up at the event. Titles/books independently published through the author are available only through the author's pre order forms. If you did not pre order through authors or through RARE please make sure to bring any books you want signed by the author with you. Pre ordering and or bringing books with you will prevent you from being disappointed should you not get the books you wanted.

To Pre Order Traditionally Published Books:

Several publishers are providing books for FREE!! These books will be available at their authors table. Make sure to ask the authors if they have books for sale or to give away. This is also a great way for you to find new authors.
If you plan on joining us 17 June in Berlin, make sure to buy a ticket!! 
Finally please make sure to tell all your book friends about the event as tickets are still available.


A.M. Hargrove
A. Zavarelli 
Adriane Leigh
Alexa Riley
Alice Clayton
Allie Kinsley 
Amy Plum
Anne Eliot 
Annie Stone 
Anya Omah   
April White 
Audrey Carlan
B.B. Reid     
Brenna Aubrey
CJ Daugherty     
Callie Hart   
Cara Dee  
Catherine Bybee
Celia Aaron   
Christina Lauren
Claire C Riley 
Clarissa Wild 
Denise Grover Swank
Emma Hart
Emma Scott  
Felicia Lynn
Harper Sloan
Isabella Starling
J.J. McAvoy
Jade West   
Jana Aston
Jo Raven
Jodi Ellen Malpas
Julia Sykes   
Kandi Steiner
Karina Halle
Katherine Stevens
Katie Ashley   
L.H. Cosway
L.P. Lovell
Lauren Layne
Lauren Rowe
Lesley Jones   
Liv Morris  
Mariana Zapata
Marina Adair     
Meghan March
Meredith Wild
Molly Harper  
Monica James
Natasha Boyd
Natasha Madison  
Nina Bocci    
Penny Reid
Poppy J. Anderson   
Raine Miller
Rebecca Donovan  
Ruth Cardello
Ruth Clampett  
S.M. Lumetta  
Sara Ney  
Scarlett Cole
Stacey Marie Brown
Staci Hart   
Stevie J. Cole    
Suzanne Wright
Tammara Webber 
Terri E Laine
Toni Aleo

Join us for a mega massive RARE in London 24 February 2018. You never know if more authors will be added or tickets released.  Join 120+ of your favorite Romance authors from around the world and 1200+ of your closest book friends. 
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Twitter:  @rarevents