Monday, June 6, 2016

Hello RARE16 Attendees!

Well, we are officially 31 days out from Edinburgh....

Tickets to the Saturday night Meet & Greet will no longer be on sale as of this Friday 10 June or if we sell out sooner.  Most authors , 85%, will be in attendance.  The night will start off slow and quiet to discuss your day then we will break out the music and dance floor.  No dress code - dress up if you'd like or not.  The Meet & Greet will take place at the signing venue in a different room. There is a cash bar therefore all those who enter must be at least 18 years of age.

Most pre orders are now closed or are closing soon.  This means indipendently published authors are either only bringing copies for pre orders or very few in total.  IF THERE IS A BOOK YOU MUST HAVE, please bring it with you.  It would be such a shame to get there and the book you had your heart set on getting is not available.  

Announced yesterday, Author Kristen Callihan (The Hook Up, The Friend Zone, The Game Plan, and as of June 7 Idol will now be attending.   Paige Weaver and Natasha Boyd are NO longer able to attend.

The RARE T Shirt campaign has ended and we don't have enough time to relaunch as T Shirts won't arrive until after the event.  If you missed the campaign the TShirts are now available on Cafe Press and Zazzle along with all sorts of other fun merchandise:

The table layout and final itinerary will be released this weekend via email.  Next week the list of books available from the book retailer Blackwell's will be sent. 
For additional info such as; Emergency Stand Alone reading list, FAQ, 1st Time at a Signing, current author list, airport car service, buy/sell click here:

More info to come this weekend

The RARE Team

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