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19 Days and counting...

Tina, Sheena, and I are excited to meet you all.  The last year has been nothing short of a joy, getting to know each of you and chat about RARE16, books, authors, travel, and everything else. Thank you for being so generous with your time and making RARE16 a priority in your life.  We will truly miss you when RARE16 has come to and end. We hope you can attend RARE17 but more on that later. 
It's about that time , where we are all getting antsy and questioning everything; how many books should you bring, do you have the right plan of attack #rareattack , will you have enough time, will you be able to speak to the author, will you get to see all the authors.  We hope this email puts you at ease.  The beginning will be some pertinent information regarding the actual signing, then suggestions, how it will work, and the schedule of events.

The key to a successful signing?  Communication.  PLEASE read every word of this email, then read it again , then pass along the info, then answer questions for others. If all attendees are on the same page , half the battle is won.

  • Natasha Preston and Toni Aleo are switching tables. Natasha will be at lunch from 1:00pm-1:30pm and Toni will have the last lunch at 2pm.  The Table map will be updated as soon as possible
  • As long as you attended the signing (must have the signing wristband on) and are at least 18 years of age, there will be limited (50) Meet & Greet tickets for sale at the door. PLEASE BRING EXACT CHANGE OR PAY PAL US AT THE DOOR. 12.50 GBP.

Top 3 suggestions for a successful signing:
Here's the facts Jack
  • There will be a lot of attendees joining you for RARE16
  • Please note due to the group of authors signing, there will be attendees younger than 18 years of age present.
  • There will be queues , some longer than others .  Bring your patience and be pleasantly surprised if you find an author table without a line or if you don't wait more than a few minutes because more than likely you will have to wait.
  • Our venue is 17,352 sq ft / 1612m  there is additional space in the foyer and hallway outside of the signing
  • More tickets were sold than the amount (586) in 2014
  • 2014=71 authors and 5 hours for all.  MOST attendees met every author they wanted to meet and the venue was 14000 sq ft.  
  • RARE16 will have 65 authors and General Admission will run from 11:15am-4:30pm and an hour and a half for, Early Entry and morning/all day volunteers  (106 total combined)- which for the most they should be mostly done with the signing within the 1.5 hour allotted.
  • In 2014 we implemented a line strategy by including up and comers to the line up to offset the long lines. This year we brought in different sub geres and a few up and comers. Not everyone will want to see all the same authors.
  • There will be one water cooler in the room and two additional outside of the signing room
  • There will be a snack/refreshment cash bar with tables and chairs right outside the signing room
  • A few extra chairs will be sporadically placed about the room
  • The room has Air Conditioning and should be cool on the day of the event
  • RARE16 Merchandise will NOT be available for sale other than what the vendodr tables have available on the signing day
  • Yes you may re enter as long as you still have your wristband on
All signings bring their own level of excitement. We're happy you are excited for RARE16. We organize these events for the readers-to have a once in a lifetime experience. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes whatever that is for you , wear them
  • Wear loose and cool clothing- you will be on the go for 5+ hours, dress in layers
  • You will be on your feet almost the entire day, make sure to get enough rest the  night before, be hydrated, do your stretches, and eat a breakfast with lots of protein
  • Make sure to put your phone in Airplane Mode and or Low Battery Mode & bring an external battery with you
  • If you bring a gift for authors, make sure to put a tag or label on it so they remember who it was from. The day will be busy
  • Just in case bring water and a snack with you
  • Be organized-have your maps/list ready, books in order, and sticky notes for the author on the signing page with your name spelled out. If you don't have a sticky note write your name in pencil. This also helps in case you leave a book behind
  • Have a plan which includes knowing the time the authors are going to lunch. Do not slip into their line with minimal time as the line will shut down with a line or not, remember, they will have been at the signing since 9am
  • Have a back up plan
  • Be flexible because it is possible for whatever reason, your plans will go down the drain once the signing starts but if you have anxiety over it you won't recover.  We will try and keep table changes to a minimum as we know you have planned on the current schedule however remember, be flexible.
  • Authors will happily sign whatever you hand them
  • The free WiFi code will be posted on FB and Twitter the day of the signing
  • Many RARE16 authors have a large back list of books meaning their lines may take time, be patient
  • Please be aware of how much time your taking at the authors table , remember you can chat with the authors at the Saturday night party. Try to remember to keep the conversation to a minimum during the signing.
  • Any important info that pops up prior to or during the signing will be posted in the attendee FB group page and on Twitter
  • Please post as many pictures and posts with #RARE16 or #rare16 on all social media platforms before, during, and after the event
What to Expect at the signing and how will it work?
  • There will be long queues- our line up is incredible and each author has a long back list of titles. Use this time to make new book friends
  • There will be 7 ticketed authors for now (this could change depending on demand). All the RARE16 authors are widely successful and each will have a line. Ticketing more or all authors doesn't work and would be confusing. We will keep a watch on the lines and add to the list if necessary. 
  1. SC Stephens
  2. Kristen Ashley -BOOK LIMIT 7 AND NO LINE RE ENTRY
  3. Jennifer Armentrtout
  4. Kresley Cole
  5. Abbi Glines
  6. Samantha Young
  7. Anna Todd
**Possible ticketed lines for Tillie Cole and Helena Hunting**
  • How does this ticketing thing work?  Ticketed authors will not be ticketed until General Admission has entered and once the author's line hits 20-25. Line Ambassador's will hand out numbered and color coated wristbands to all those that approach the line after the 20-25.  You will then go along visiting other authors until your number is called.  No worries if you miss it as you can enter the line at any time after your number has been called, just not before hand.
  • Attendees will receive one wristband each, no exceptions.  The author assistant will ensure each attendee at the front of the line has their own wristband , if not they will be required to exit the line and obtain a wristband from the Line Ambassador.
  • Line Ambassador's and or Author Assistants will start shutting down the author's line 15 minutes prior to the scheduled lunch. PLEASE NOTATE the lunch schedules for each section/author.  The line will shut down regardless of how many are in it.  If you are in a ticketed line, no worries as your allowed to enter the line at any time after your number was called. Also, the Line Ambassador's for the ticketed lines will not add additional numbers until the first 20-25 are back in place.  
  • Once the author's line is shut down for lunch , other volunteers will bring over line rope and restrict access to the section- meaning you are not able to wait for the author to return
  • Understand the role of the Line Ambassador and or Author Assistant. As you enter a line with a Line Ambassador please hand your phone and or camera to her.  The LA will capture the meeteing on your camera/phone for you. Once you are finished with getting your item/s signed you will walk to the left and your phone/camera will be returned to you.  This process will speed up the line and is really fun to see the meeting unfold on your camera.
  • Do not line up prior to the permitted time as listed in the schedule below

  • Accept the fact it is possible you may miss an author or two that way if you don't you will be pleasantly surprised
  • Don't do the math, it will drive you insane. Remember, not every attendee, every line, every situation is the same...nor will every attendee want to see every author
  • IF you have an Early Entry ticket, do yourself a favor and go see your most popular authors during Early Entry...TRUST ME.
  • I just said DO NOT do the math BUT if we have 65 authors and 106 Early Entry/am Volunteers during  the first hour and a half that means... IF THERE ARE >2 PEOPLE in a line don't wait, come back. If you wait in a 10 person line for an author during Early Entry, you just wasted precious signing time.  You could have met 2-3 or more other authors. 
  • Pay attention to all lines on your way to your must sees.  It happens EVERY signing, Attendees want to kick themselves in the tail because if only they would've stopped earlier when no one was in that line...
  • Bring all must have signed titles with you from home. Most authors are NOT bringing many if any extra copies from the pre orders. Don't be left disappointed. 
  • Make the most of your time

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

If you are under the age of 16 you must be accompanied by a ticketed adult, minimum age is 13 due to the participation of young adult authors.  The Meet & Greet Party Saturday evening will be for 18 and over only.

What can/can't I bring to the event?

No alcohol of any kind or regardless of amount , this is due to insurance reasons.  Feel free to bring in books, photo books, ipad/ereader cases...

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

No, as all attendee packets have been completed and are sealed. If you have an extra ticket or if you have a group of attendees in your party you will need to pick up the registration packet then hand out the wristbands.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes, for an expedited check in this would be preferable however if not then your identification with the same name on your ticket would be sufficient.  If you purchased multiple tickets for multiple events, all wristbands will be in your attendee packet

 The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?

NO, the names (at least the last name) must match in order to enter .  If you use a relatives/friends PayPal then that person would need to change the name on the ticket in Eventbrite and email you the ticket.

 What and where is registration?

Registration will take those in town earl at The Shanghai Club located at LE MONDE HOTEL16 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PF Friday July 8 6:30PM-10:30PM-cash bar.  This is a FREE event but you must be ticketed.  If you were unable to obtain a ticket then you can come by the Shanghai room from 5:30pm-6:30pm but once you pick up your packet you will be required to exit the venue. As attendees leave for the evening , re entry will NOT be permitted and others will be allowed to enter.

No worries should you not be in town on Friday night, we will have registration at the signing prior to and during the event.

 What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Parking is limited at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)

Parking near the EICC
There are many car parks in close walking distance to the EICC. Please access the following links for further details:

National Car Parks (NCP) in central Edinburgh
Sheraton Hotel Car Park located 150 meters from the EICC, with limited accessible parking spaces
Semple Street Car Park located 300 meters from the EICC

Is the location handicapped/wheel chair accessible?

Yes.  If you have special needs please contact us ahead of time to make arrangements .  Please keep in mind ALL who enter must be ticketed as this is the only way we can account for occupancy. 

What is the # hashtag for the event?

#RARE16 or #rare16

Schedule of Events

RARE16  Itinerary  & Table Map printable version under files in the FB Attendee Group  )

Thursday 7 July
1:00pm-3:30pm On Dublin Street tour and afternoon tea with Samantha Young -Private for competition winners only
7:00pm-11:00pm Kristen Ashley presents Rock Chick Rendezvous *Sold Out*– Radisson Blu 80 High Street, The Royal Mile 

Friday 8 July
5:30pm-6:30pm Registration- Shanghai Room connected to the LeMonde Boutique Hotel 16 George St, New Town. Those without Registration Party tickets only. Required to exit once registration packet is picked up
  • No age restriction
  • I.D. with the same last name as your ticket is required (or some form of documentation proving you are the ticket holder)                                   
6:30pm-10:30pm Free Registration Party– must be ticketed. As ticketed attendees exit others will be permitted to enter
  • Must be at least 18 years of age to enter
  • I.D. with the same last name as your ticket is required (or some form of documentation proving you are the ticket holder)
  • No reentry permitted due to occupancy limits
Saturday 9 July
Edinburgh International Conference Centre -Lennox Suite 150 Morrison St., enter on ground level and take escalator down to level 2.
9:00am Early Entry only can begin to line up- The venue will not permit lining up any earlier
9:30am General Admission can begin to line up- The venue will not permit lining up any earlier
9:45am-11:15am Early Entry and all day volunteer signing
11:15am-4:30pm General Admission
  • Surprise! The room will not close for lunch. Author lunches will be taken in 30 minute intervals to be posted separately. Line/Lunch Ambassadors or Assistants will close the line asking you to come back in 30 minutes
  • There are two snack areas outside the signing room and extra chairs throughout
7:30pm-Midnight Meet & Greet Cocktail Party- Edinburgh International Conference Centre Cromdale Hall. 150 Morrison St. Enter at ground level and take escalator down to level 2
  • No dress code, dress up or don’t it’s entirely up to you
  • Music
  • Cash bar
There is a lot of information above but most importantly have FUN!!  Meet new book friends.  Don't be shy.  Enjoy your weekend. 

As we travel throughout Ireland and Scotland Tina Gephart, Adriane Leigh, Terri E Laine, and I will post videos, pictures, and take questions in the field along with Dawn and Sheena.  Please meet up with us if we're in your neck of the woods. 

Two of the organizers leave on the 27th of June and will be traveling prior to the event. We will be checking email and the Facebook group for questions when possible. Please do not PM me , you will get a faster reply if you post the question in the group on FB.  If you are not in the FB Attendee group pleas email your questions to   . Sheena Lumsden will have her hands full.  Dawn and Arabella and the other attendees will be happy to answer any questions as well

We can't wait to see some of you again and meet the others.  Tina, Sheena, and I will be at the Registration Desk during the party (with a few friends) and at the Meet & Greet Door..

There are still a couple of small surprises we have in store for you (think swag /gifts).

Thank you again for all the excitement and being part of the RARE family! 
The RARE16 Team
Amy, Sheena, and Tina G.  

Make sure to scroll down!

Our on sight book retailer Blackwell's will have limited copies of the following books. Remember these are mostly for traditionally published authors. If you didn't do a pre order and the author/title is not on this list you need to bring the book with you.  There are two names not listed but their publishers have made special arrangements for their titles.
1  A. Meredith Walters    FOLLOW ME BACK              
1  A. Meredith Walters    LEAD ME NOT                 
1  A. Meredith Walters    LIGHT IN THE SHADOWS        
1  A. Meredith Walters    FIND YOU IN THE DARK        
2 Abbi Glines    UP IN FLAMES
2 Abbi Glines    THE BEST GOODBYE            
2 Abbi Glines    UNTIL FRIDAY NIGHT          
2 Abbi Glines    WHEN YOU'RE BACK            
2 Abbi Glines    WHEN I'M GONE               
2 Abbi Glines    UNTIL THE END               
2 Abbi Glines    YOU WERE MINE               
2 Abbi Glines    HOLD ON TIGHT               
2 Abbi Glines    ONE MORE CHANCE             
2 Abbi Glines    BAD FOR YOU                 
2 Abbi Glines    BECAUSE OF LOW              
2 Abbi Glines    JUST FOR NOW                
2 Abbi Glines    MISBEHAVING                 
2 Abbi Glines    WHILE IT LASTS              
2 Abbi Glines    SOMETIMES IT LASTS          
2 Abbi Glines    RUSH TOO FAR                
2 Abbi Glines    TAKE A CHANCE               
2 Abbi Glines    SIMPLE PERFECTION           
2 Abbi Glines    BREATHE                     
2 Abbi Glines    FOREVER TOO FAR             
2 Abbi Glines    NEVER TOO FAR               
2 Abbi Glines    FALLEN TOO FAR              
2 Abbi Glines    The Vincent Boys
4.  Aleatha Romig    Into the Light
5.  Alice Clayton    CREAM OF THE CROP
5.  Alice Clayton    NUTS                        
5.  Alice Clayton    LAST CALL                   
5.  Alice Clayton    MAI TAI'D UP                
5.  Alice Clayton    SCREWDRIVERED               
5.  Alice Clayton    RUSTY NAILED                
5.  Alice Clayton    REDHEAD PLAYS HER HAND      
5.  Alice Clayton    THE REDHEAD REVEALED        
5.  Alice Clayton    THE UNIDENTIFIED REDHEAD    
5.  Alice Clayton    WALLBANGER                  
6.  Amy Bartol    Darken the Stars (The Kricket Series)
6.  Amy Bartol    Sea of Stars (The Kricket Series)
6.  Amy Bartol    Under Different Stars (The Kricket Series
8.  Amy Plumb    Die For Me  Book 1
8.  Amy Plumb    Until I Die  Book 2
8.  Amy Plumb    If I Should Die  Book 3
8.  Amy Plumb    After The End
8.  Amy Plumb    Until the beginning
9.  Anna Todd    Before (The After Series)
9.  Anna Todd    After  (Book 1 The After Series)
9.  Anna Todd    After We Collide (Book 2 The After Series)
9.  Anna Todd    After We Fell (Book 3 The After Series)
9.  Anna Todd    After Ever Happy (Book 4 The After Series)
9.  Anna Todd    Imagines Releases April 2016
9.  Anna Todd    Nothing More releases Sept 2016
10.  CD Reiss    Shuttergirl ** Author states this should be available through UK publisher?
10.  CD Reiss    Beg, Tease Submit (Submission Series 13)
10.  CD Reiss    Control, Burn, Resist (Submission Series 46)
10.  CD Reiss    Sing, Coda (Submission Series 78)
10.  CD Reiss    Dominance (Submission Series)
10.  CD Reiss    Breath (Submission Series 10)
10.  CD Reiss    Rule (Corruption Series #3)
10.  CD Reiss    Break (Songs of Perdition)
14.  Cassia Leo    Relentless (Shattered Hearts 1)
14.  Cassia Leo    Pieces Of You (Shattered Hearts 2)
14.  Cassia Leo    Bring Me Home (Shattered Hearts 3)
14.  Cassia Leo    Abandon
14.  Cassia Leo    Black Box
16.  Christina Lauren    BEAUTIFUL BOSS
16.  Christina Lauren    WICKED SEXY LIAR            
16.  Christina Lauren    DARK WILD NIGHT             
16.  Christina Lauren    BEAUTIFUL SECRET            
16.  Christina Lauren    DIRTY ROWDY THING           
16.  Christina Lauren    SWEET FILTHY BOY            
16.  Christina Lauren    BEAUTIFUL BEGINNING         
16.  Christina Lauren    BEAUTIFUL PLAYER            
16.  Christina Lauren    BEAUTIFUL BOMBSHELL         
16.  Christina Lauren    BEAUTIFUL BITCH             
16.  Christina Lauren    BEAUTIFUL STRANGER          
16.  Christina Lauren    BEAUTIFUL BASTARD           
16.  Christina Lauren    The House (Teen)
16.  Christina Lauren    Sublime (Teen)
24.  Helena Hunting    Clipped Wings
24.  Helena Hunting    Inked Armor
24.  Helena Hunting    PUCKED: 
24.  Helena Hunting    PUCKED UP: 
24.  Helena Hunting    PUCKED OVER: 
24.  Helena Hunting    FOREVER PUCKED: 
25.  JA Huss    Three, Two, One (321): Not Everything Should Come in 3's  ALL INDIE
25.  JA Huss    Wasted Lust: (A 321 Spinoff): Volume 2
25.  JA Huss    Anarchy Found  Alpha Lincoln 
25.  JA Huss    Eighteen (18): Based on a True Story
25.  JA Huss    Social: The Social Media Series #13: Volume 1
25.  JA Huss    Media: The Social Media Series #46: Volume 2 
25.  JA Huss    Tragic: Rook and Ronin, #1
25.  JA Huss    Manic: Rook and Ronin Book Two: Volume 2
25.  JA Huss    Panic: Rook and Ronin, #3
25.  JA Huss    Bomb: A Day in the Life of Spencer Shrike (Rook and Ronin Spinoff) 
25.  JA Huss    Guns: The Spencer Book (Rook & Ronin Spinoff)
25.  JA Huss    Happily Ever After: Rook & Ronin: A Day in the Life of the HEA
25.  JA Huss    Taut: The Ford Book (a Rook and Ronin Spinoff)
25.  JA Huss    Rook and Ronin Omnibus Edition
25.  JA Huss    Spencer: (A Rook and Ronin SpinOff): BOMB/GUNS BUNDLE: Volume 8 (Rook & Ronin) 
25.  JA Huss    Ford: Slack/Taut
25.  JA Huss    Meet Me In The Dark: (A Dark Suspense)
25.  JA Huss    Come: Dirty, Dark, and Deadly Book One
25.  JA Huss    Coming For You: Dirty, Dark, and Deadly Book Three: Volume 3
25.  JA Huss    Sexy 
25.  JA Huss    Clutch: I Am Just Junco #1: Volume 1
25.  JA Huss    Fledge: I Am Just Junco #2: Volume 2
25.  JA Huss    Flight: I Am Just Junco #3: Volume 3
25.  JA Huss    Range: I Am Just Junco #4: Volume 4
25.  JA Huss    Magpie Bridge: I Am Just Junco #4.5: Volume 5
25.  JA Huss    Return: I Am Just Junco #5: Volume 6
25.  JA Huss    Losing Francesca
25.  JA Huss    Slack: A Day in the Life of Ford Aston
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     Obsidian
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     Onyx
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     Opal
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     Origin 
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     Oppersition
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     Oblivion*
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     White hot kisses
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     Stone cold touch 
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     Every last breath 
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     Half blood
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     Pure 
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     Deity
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     Apollyon
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     Sentinel
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     Daimon
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     scorched
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     The Return
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     The Power*
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     Forever With You **written under pen name J. Lynn**
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     wait for you 
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     be with me 
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     stay with me 
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     the problem with forever * Releasing June 16
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     don’t look back 
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     unchained
28.  Jennifer L Armentrout/ J Lynn     cursed 
30.  Julia Kent    Shopping for a Billionaire
30.  Julia Kent    Shopping  for a Billionaire's Fiancee
31. Karina Halle     RACING THE SUN              
31. Karina Halle     WHERE SEA MEETS SKY         
31. Karina Halle     Sins & Needles
31. Karina Halle     Shooting Stars 
31. Karina Halle     Bold Tricks 
31. Karina Halle     Dirty Angels: Dirty Angels 1
31. Karina Halle     Dirty Deeds:  Dirty Angels 2
31. Karina Halle     Dirty Promises: Dirty Angels 3
35. kat/Kitty french     Undertaking Love
35. kat/Kitty french     The Piano Man Project
35. kat/Kitty french     One hot summer
36. Kresley Cole    SWEET RUIN
36. Kresley Cole    DEAD OF WINTER              
36. Kresley Cole    DARK SKYE                   
36. Kresley Cole    THE MASTER                  
36. Kresley Cole    THE PROFESSIONAL            
36. Kresley Cole    ENDLESS KNIGHT              
36. Kresley Cole    MACRIEVE                    
36. Kresley Cole    SHADOW'S CLAIM              
36. Kresley Cole    LOTHAIRE                    
36. Kresley Cole    PLEASURE OF A DARK PRINCE   
36. Kresley Cole    KISS OF A DEMON KING        
36. Kresley Cole    DARK DESIRES AFTER DUSK     
36. Kresley Cole    DARK NEEDS AT NIGHT'S EDGE  
36. Kresley Cole    DREAMS OF A DARK WARRIOR    
36. Kresley Cole    A HUNGER LIKE NO OTHER
36. Kresley Cole    NO REST FOR THE WICKED      
36. Kresley Cole    DEMON FROM THE DARK         
36. Kresley Cole    DEEP KISS OF WINTER         
36. Kresley Cole    If You Dare: The MacCarrick Brothers Bk. 1 Mass Market
36. Kresley Cole    Poison Princess (Arcana Chronicles)
36. Kresley Cole    If You Deceive (The MacCarrick Brothers) Mass Market
37. Kristen Ashley    Motorcycle Man (Dream Man) Mass Market Paperback
37. Kristen Ashley    Mystery Man (Dream Man) Mass Market Paperback
37. Kristen Ashley    Wild Man (Dream Man) Mass Market Paperback
37. Kristen Ashley    Walk Through Fire (Chaos) Mass Market Paperback
37. Kristen Ashley    Ride Steady (Chaos) Mass Market Paperback
37. Kristen Ashley    Fire Inside (Chaos) Mass Market Paperback
37. Kristen Ashley    Own the Wind (Chaos) Mass Market Paperback
37. Kristen Ashley    Law Man (Dream Maker Story) Mass Market Paperback
37. Kristen Ashley    Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain) 
37. Kristen Ashley    Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain)
37. Kristen Ashley    Breathe (Colorado Mountain)
37. Kristen Ashley    The Gamble (Colorado Mountain)
37. Kristen Ashley    Kaleidoscope (Colorado Mountain)
37. Kristen Ashley    Jagged (Colorado Mountain)
38. L.A. Casey    Frozen
45. Natasha Preston    The Cellar 
47. Patrice (P.T.) Michelle    Destiny: Volume 3 (Brightest Kind of Darkness  by P.T. Michelle
47. Patrice (P.T.) Michelle    Desire: Volume 4 (Brightest Kind of Darkness
47. Patrice (P.T.) Michelle    Ethan (Brightest Kind of Darkness)
47. Patrice (P.T.) Michelle    Mister Black: A Billionaire SEAL Story, Part 1 (In The Shadows)
47. Patrice (P.T.) Michelle    Scarlett Red: A Billionaire SEAL Story, Part 2: Volume 2 (In The Shadows)
47. Patrice (P.T.) Michelle    Blackest Red: A Billionaire SEAL Story, Part 3: Volume 3 (In the Shadows)
47. Patrice (P.T.) Michelle    Gold Shimmer: Volume 4 (In The Shadows)
49. R.J. Prescott    The Hurricane
49. R.J. Prescott    The Aftermath
51. Rebecca Donovan    Barely Breathing
51. Rebecca Donovan    Out of Breath
51. Rebecca Donovan    Reason to Breathe
51. Rebecca Donovan    What If
52. Rebecca Zanetti    Over The Top
52. Rebecca Zanetti    Mercury Striking
52. Rebecca Zanetti    Claimed
52. Rebecca Zanetti    Marked
52. Rebecca Zanetti    Forgotten Sins
52. Rebecca Zanetti    Sweet Revenge
52. Rebecca Zanetti    Total Surrender
52. Rebecca Zanetti    Blind Faith
52. Rebecca Zanetti    Consumed
52. Rebecca Zanetti    Wicked Edge
52. Rebecca Zanetti    Shadowed
52. Rebecca Zanetti    Provoked
53. Rhyannon Byrd    Take Me Under: Dangerous Tides 1
53. Rhyannon Byrd    Keep Me Closer: Dangerous Tides 2
53. Rhyannon Byrd    Half Wild: Ellora's Cave
55. S.C. Stephens    Untamed
55. S.C. Stephens    Thoughtful
55. S.C. Stephens    RECKLESS                    PA
55. S.C. Stephens    EFFORTLESS                  PA
55. S.C. Stephens    THOUGHTLESS                 PA
56. Samantha Towle    The Mighty Storm
56. Samantha Towle    Wethering the Storm
64. Tiffany Snow    Play to Win
64. Tiffany Snow    Playing Dirty
64. Tiffany Snow    Power Play
64. Tiffany Snow    Out of the Shadows
64. Tiffany Snow    Blane's Turn
64. Tiffany Snow    Kade's Turn
64. Tiffany Snow    Shadow of a Doubt
64. Tiffany Snow    In His Shadow
64. Tiffany Snow    Point of No Return
64. Tiffany Snow    Out of Turn
64. Tiffany Snow    Turning Point
64. Tiffany Snow    No Turning Back
64. Tiffany Snow    Turn to Me
65. Tillie Cole    Reap (Scarred Souls)
68. Wendy Higgins    Sweet Temptation
68. Wendy Higgins    Sweet Reckoning
68. Wendy Higgins    Sweet Peril
68. Wendy Higgins    Sweet Evil

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Hello RARE16 Attendees!

Well, we are officially 31 days out from Edinburgh....

Tickets to the Saturday night Meet & Greet will no longer be on sale as of this Friday 10 June or if we sell out sooner.  Most authors , 85%, will be in attendance.  The night will start off slow and quiet to discuss your day then we will break out the music and dance floor.  No dress code - dress up if you'd like or not.  The Meet & Greet will take place at the signing venue in a different room. There is a cash bar therefore all those who enter must be at least 18 years of age.

Most pre orders are now closed or are closing soon.  This means indipendently published authors are either only bringing copies for pre orders or very few in total.  IF THERE IS A BOOK YOU MUST HAVE, please bring it with you.  It would be such a shame to get there and the book you had your heart set on getting is not available.  

Announced yesterday, Author Kristen Callihan (The Hook Up, The Friend Zone, The Game Plan, and as of June 7 Idol will now be attending.   Paige Weaver and Natasha Boyd are NO longer able to attend.

The RARE T Shirt campaign has ended and we don't have enough time to relaunch as T Shirts won't arrive until after the event.  If you missed the campaign the TShirts are now available on Cafe Press and Zazzle along with all sorts of other fun merchandise:

The table layout and final itinerary will be released this weekend via email.  Next week the list of books available from the book retailer Blackwell's will be sent. 
For additional info such as; Emergency Stand Alone reading list, FAQ, 1st Time at a Signing, current author list, airport car service, buy/sell click here:

More info to come this weekend

The RARE Team