Monday, May 30, 2016

A Message from Romance Author & Reader Events: Lose Your Heart in Edinburgh:                  

We would love to see you in your RARE shirt at the event.  If you don't live in the U.S. or the U.K. you can have the items shipped to Sheena and pick them up at registration and or the event.

Remember once you click the link to the T Shirt with the graphic you prefer you will see different styles for that shirt to the right:
  • Each black shirt has 10 different styles 
  • Grey has 8 different styles
  • White has 6 different styles and has three different colors available

ONLY use the mailing address if your not located in the U.K. or the U.S.:

United Kingdom

Can't wait to see you in 39 days!
RARE16 Team

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hi RARE16 Attendees:

Only 51 more freaking days !!!! OMGGGGGG <---insert fan girl voice.  As you may have noticed you will receive emails more often  until the event to serve as reminders to pertinent issues.  We are aware not all attendees are active in the Facebook attendee group so this is the only way to reach all.

In this email you will find info regarding the following:
  • Tshirt and Merchandise
  • Kristen Ashley Party
  • Meet & Greet Party
  • Info for those with disabilities
  • Volunteers
  • Table Map
  • Pre orders

The RARE16 TShirt campaign ends on May 20.  As long as we have enough orders as Tee Spring deems profitable they will still print the shirts.  We can relaunch the campaign again but it probably will not have all 4 options.  There are over 700 attendees and we have only sold 39 shirts.  ***KEEP in mind , T Shirts and RARE items will NOT be sold at the event.  We are using a store front to sell these items prior to the event.  We would love for you to wear your shirt to the event!
T Shirt link 

RARE16 Accessories available at Zazzle:  make sure to click all items (there are about 38 items)

Not sure what size to order?  Size conversion chart:

Only for those not in the UK you may ship your orders to the following UK address and pick them up at the registration party or signing
United Kingdom


Do you have your Kristen Ashley Rock Chick Rendezvous tickets for 7 July Thursday?  Even if tickets do not sell out they will stop being sold June 16.  Saturday night party (with light hor d'oeuvres, a cash bar and dancing the night away) will take place in the Dunedin Suite in the Radisson Blu. Kristen will all be there for you to greet, gab and get down with! We'll have some fun stuff to do as well while communing with your fellow Rock Chicks! This will be a ticketed event, so obviously you must purchase a ticket to enter . Your ticket will include a KA swag bag with a t-shirt, signed book and lots of goodies. 
Please make sure to indicate your t-shirt size.
Dress Code: We’ll be gettin’ down with drinks and a DJ so you can glam out if you like. Kit’ll no doubt be diva-ing it in heels. But we want you to feel good about yourself however you wanna be!



85% of the attending authors list will be there!  The evening will start out quiet so you can chat with your book friends about your day then we will break out the music and dance floor.  There is no dress code.  Some people like to dress up some don't - I will not be dressed up.  **All Meet & Greet and Friday Night Registration entrants must be at least 18 years of age due to a cash bar on premises**

Information for those with disabilities 

Shanghai Rooms - There is a lift/elevator available for those who need extra help. There are about 5-6 Steps which go up into the Le Monde hotel where the lift/elevator's are. The bouncers at the bottom of the steps are there to help you get up if you are ok with them touching you. Once you are into the Le Monde Hotel Reception inform them you are part of the Romance Author Event in the Shanghai room and you need the accessibility access.

EICC - The EICC have elevators/lifts to all floors as well as an escalator which goes down from the level below reception level down to the event.
Both venues have Disabled toilets and there is always someone on hand to help out. Please do not worry about asking for assistance.
There will be a few extra chairs within the signing venue and at the Meet & Greet should you need a break.  In addition there is an area outside the signing to sit , relax, eat. 



I've received several emails regarding volunteering.  We are in the midst of assigning volunteers now and we will be reaching out shortly.  Not all volunteers can be assistants to the authors, in fact many authors are bringing assistants with them and the rest have been filled.  So, what do we need?  We need volunteers to fill shifts for the following:
Line Ambassadors
Signing door entry
Registration party -registration desk
Registration front door
Meet & Greet front door

If you are interested AND have not previously messaged us please email and make sure to include which you would like to do. 


Yes, the table map will be published along with other surprises about one month prior!!



Most pre orders for authors will be closing this week if you MUST have a specific title either bring it with you or pre order it.  
Amazon Prime -Free 2 day shipping!
Book Depository -Free world wide shipping
Blackwell's Book Store will have all traditionally published titles and will have a special for RARE attendees! So have no fear you have a back up plan for those titles.

A. Meredith Walters

Abbi Glines N/A

Adriane Leigh

Aleatha Romig

Alice Clayton N/A

Amy Bartol N/A Make sure to bring the Premonition Series with you

Amy Harmon

Amy Plum N/A

Anna Todd N/A

C.D. Reiss

C.J. Roberts No Pre Order- make sure to bring with you

Callie Hart

Carina Adams

Cassia Leo

Celia Aaron

Cherrie Lynn

Christina Lauren N/A

Claire C. Riley

Clarissa Wild

Deborah Bladon No Pre orders will be giving away some books

Ella James TBA

Emma  Hart Mugs

Emma Hart

Georgia Cates Not bringing any books/no pre order

H.M. Ward Not bringing any books/no pre order

Helena Hunting Not bringing any books/no pre order

J.A. Huss No pre orders, will have her newest release only limited 

Jana Aston

Jane Harvey -Berrick

Jennifer Armentrout/J.Lynn N/A

Jo Raven

Julia Kent

Karina Halle no pre orders and limited books with her (indie titles)

Katie Ashley Not bringing any books No Pre orders for indie titles

Ker Dukey

Kirsty Moseley

Kitty/Kat French No Pre Order

Kresley Cole N/A

Kristen Ashley N/A

L.A. Casey

L.H. Cosway

Lauren Rowe No preorder, limited supply of books on hand. Lauren will have mostly book 1 of my series The Club and a few token copies of the rest of the series, as well as my standalone psych thriller Countdown to Killing Kurtis. We strongly urge you t bring books, but Lauren will have a few. 

Liliana Hart

 Mariana Zapata

Nashoda Rose

Natasha Preston

Paige Weaver

Patrice (P.T.) Michelle  Bringing limited quantities with her

Portia Moore

R.J. Prescott N/A

R.K. Lilley Not bringing any books/no pre order

Rebecca Donovan N/A

Rebecca Zanetti N/A

Rhyannon Byrd N/A

Ruth Clampett

S.C. Stephens N/A

Samantha Towle No pre order bringing limited quantity

Samantha Young for indie titles only

Sloane Howell

Sophie Jackson N/A

Stylo Fantome

Suzanne Wright

Terri E. Laine:

Tessa Teevan

Tiffany Snow

Tillie Cole No Pre Orders

T. Gephart

Toni Aleo

Wendy Higgins N/A

We can't wait to meet you all
<3 The RARE16 Team

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Sunday, May 1, 2016


Do you still have bunches of books to read?  to buy?  See below for a list of standalone reads to help you hurry through.

***Some authors are closing their pre orders due to long shipping times from the printer.  Make sure you either pre order and or purchase through a book retailer; Amazon, Book Depository etc.***

Several wait list tickets were released but not purchased, you have limited time to claim these.  Hurry up and get them while they are available.

If your attending, don't forget to join the attendee page:

DON'T FORGET..., you can get in early before the crowd!  Make sure to read and review on Amazon or Goodreads .  The attendee with the most reviews wins, you must have a general admission ticket to be considered.  Find out more details here...

I know many of us have anxiety (see newletter :P ) about the signing, fangirling, and meeting our faves... I've mentioned this before but um yeah about Kresley Cole. OMFG. Just emailing her assistant this week took me 30 minutes. I've read 19 of her books and will have read 3 more before RARE16. I'm thinking A) she will be scared of me if I show up with 22 books and want them ALL personalized. I mean what can you say in 22 books? 2. ) She will never want to do a RARE signing again. 3. ) How would I get them all home :/ ? #problemsofabooknerd  #weallfangirl #supporteachother

One Day Soon by A. Meredith Walters
Abbi Glines  The Vincent Boys (only 2 books)
Adriane Leigh: Wild or Blind Sight (this was combined to one book from her serial)
Aleatha Romig:  Insidious (supposed to be 2 books but the ending of book one is sufficient IMO)
Alice Clayton:  Any in the Cocktail or Hudson series can be read as a stand alone
Amy Bartol :  series BUT THEY ARE SO GOOD
Amy Harmon:  Making Face, A Different Blue, The Law of Moses, The Song of David
Amy Plum: series
Anna Todd: series
C.D. Reiss:  Hardball
C.J. Roberts series
Callie Hart: Calico
Carina Adams:  Forever Red
Cassia Leo:  Black Box, Anti Romance
Celia Aaron: Cleat Chaser
Cherrie Lynn:  Rock Me , Leave Me Breathless
Christina Lauren:  Each is a different character in a different story so any could be read as a stand alone
Claire C. Riley:  Shut Up and Kiss Me
Clarissa Wild:  Twenty One, Mr X
Deborah Bladon: Serials but together are the length of one book
Ella James: Sloth
Emma Hart: Blind Date
Helena Hunting: Pucked book 1
J.A. Huss:  321, 18
Jana Aston: Wrong, Right
Jane Harvey-Berrick:  Lifers
Jennifer Armentrout:  The Trouble With Forever, any in the waiting series
Jo Raven: Inked Brotherhood or Damage Control series each book is a different character
Julia Kent: Shopping For a Billionaire (each is very short), Random has different characters per book
Karina Halle:  The Play
Katie Ashley:  Drop Dead Sexy
Ker Dukey:  I See You, Drawn to You, My Soul Keeper
Kirsty Moseley:  The Boy Who Climbed In My Bedroom Window
Kitty/Kat French:
Kresley Cole: Book one in the Game Makers series
Kristen Ashley: Knight, Mystery Man, Law Man, Motorcycle Man (any in this series)
L.A. Casey: Frozen, Dominic
L.H. Cosway:  Painted Faces, Six of Hearts
Liliana Hart:  The Collective, ALPHA Squadron, Paradise
Mariana Zapata:  Under Locke, The Wall of Winnipeg and Me
Nashoda Rose: Torn From You (Tear Asunder #1 can be read as standalone) the Unyielding series (each can be read as a standalone
Natasha Preston:  Awake, Second Chance, Save Me, Our Chance,
Paige Weaver: Sweet Destruction
P.T. Michelle series but the In The Shadows books are shorter
Portia Moore:  series, What Happens After can be read as a standalone but if your going to read the If I Break series I wouldn’t.
R.J. Prescott: The Hurricane (each a different character)
R.K. Lilley: The Other Man
Rebecca Donovan: What If
Rebecca Zanetti: Series but each book is a different character
Rhyannon Byrd:  Dangerous Tides (each book a different character)
Ruth Clampett:  Wet
S.C. Stepehens: Furious Rush
Samantha Towle: Trouble, The Ending I Want
Samantha Young:  On Dublin Street (book 1)
Sloane Howell: Cleat Chasers,
Sophie Jackson:  series
Stylo Fantome: The Bad Ones
Suzanne Wright:  From Rags or Feral Sins
Terri E. Laine: Cruel and Beautiful
Tessa Teevan: Explosive, The Wellingtons, Sweet Southern (each book a different character)
Tiffany Snow:  Blank Slate
Tillie Cole:  A Thousand Boy Kisses, Carillo Boys,  Scarred Souls (different characters in each book)
T. Gephart: High Strung, any of the Power Station or Black Addiction (each different characters)
Toni Aleo:  Let It Be, The Assassins series (each a different character), Bellevue Bullies (each a different character)

Wendy Higgins: Flirting With Me, Kiss Collector (yet to be published)