Thursday, April 28, 2016

THUMP.....THUMP....THUMP...THUMP..THUMP my heart realizing #RARE16 is 73 days away!

I'm sure i'm not alone having anxiety, whether it's due to organizing, being a first timer, worried about not being able to fit all the authors in, coming alone, or being shy we all have anxiety right about now. Excited but nervous.  Regardless why we're nervous it's real.  So, take some deep breaths and lets put you at ease.
Tips from one die hard reading fan girl to another
  •  Have a plan- once you receive the seating chart and itinerary get to work deriving your plan and back up plan.  
  • READ, READ, AND READ SOME MORE-I'm one of those die hards , I will read one book from every attending author.  I don't want any regret afterwards when I read them and think dang it, I missed them at RARE16.  It literally kills me when attendees say "I'm only here for these three authors" .  WHAT??? well then you won't mind me moving you along?  This is such an amazing opportunity , I'm floored at our line up, please try and meet every author.
  • Bring your books with you if possible and if not DON'T FORGET TO PRE ORDER.  These authors don't get back often enough so don't miss out.  Remember pre orders are for independently published works and traditional means the book retailer Blackwell's will be selling them at the event.  Authors can not afford to ship or bring an abundance of copies with them, meaning they will run out.  Blackwell's will NOT have every traditionally published book, so don't take the chance of being heartbroken...bring them with you.  
  • Enter every giveaway to get early entry tickets or get in the queue early
  • Laugh all you want at those carts full of books being pulled around, at least they don't have burns on their shoulders from their bags??? Be prepared.
  • I love how many attendees say they are shy but boy, you put them in their element and BOOM!  Trust me when I tell you, even if your shy you will be in your element and find friends.  You will seriously surprise yourself, especially while waiting in the
  • QUEUES yep, it doesn't matter what strategy organizers use to shorten the wait time will have time waiting around and this my friend is where the magic happens.  Put a smile on your face and say hello to those around you because these other attendees could become YOUR PEOPLE (or you scare them and they run away which is also a win/win since you move up in the line).  Life long friendships can start at this very time or at least those that are fun over a pint.  Make the most of it cause you'll be doing a lot of waiting.
  • Don't come naked, but don't wear too many clothes either.  Yes the venue has air conditioning but you will be moving around, waiting, lugging kg's /lbs of books with you.. it will get hot, please wear deodorant and don't wear heavy clothes.
  • By God do NOT wear heels... wear comfy shoes cause your feet will be really sore at the end of the day.  Those in fancy shoes are less competition , trust me you will be running circles around them with your map.
  • Get a good night sleep and do your stretches before hand... this is some serious business
  • Be flexible in your plan.  If an authors line is moving slowly move to another
  • I promise you will get to meet as many authors as you want.  Yes , i've done the math and yes I understand mathematically it is impossible.  Ask the RARE14 attendees, those with plans get to meet all the authors.  RARE makes magic happen , between the signing and the meet and greet your golden.  
  • We all fan girl but remember the golden unto others.  Try not to take too much time up when chatting with the author.  We all do it, we get caught up and forget but once you remember try and move it along.  Certainly it is not required and if it's one of your faves I get it but maybe be more mindful of the others that you like but might be a fave of the person behind you.  
That's it for now.  If you would like more tips for the signing make sure to check out the files in the Attendee group.


  • ***Do you still need a ticket to the FREE registration party Friday night 8 July?  We are now opening the doors one hour earlier for NON TICKETED attendees wanting to swing by and just pick up their registration pack and leave.  Yes, you can now show up at the Shanghai Room between 5:30pm-6:30pm to just grab your packet but you will not be able to stay. If you are ticketed you will not be able to enter until 6:30pm.  After 6:30pm only ticketed attendees can enter and stay. As attendees leave we will let more enter but until then you will have to wait outside.  It might be best to eat dinner then come along and see if you can enter after a couple hours.  Friday night will be a blast, this is a place for you to meet up with your book friends and chat, drink , take pictures.  Enjoy the cash bar and music!!***
  • Not arriving until Saturday? No problem!  You will be able to register as you enter the EICC signing venue.
  • So far 80% of the author line up will be at the Meet & Greet
  • Don't forget about the files on the attendee page, there is a ton of useful info kept there; FAQ's, Recommended reads, pre order links, hotel info, current attending authors.
  • If you sell your ticket please go to Eventbrite and change the name and email address for the new owner. If you were the first 100 to purchase multiple tickets and you are selling to more than one person you will need to email Amy at or but ONLY  if you are NO longer attending.  If you are attending then you will register and then give the tickets/registration items to the purchaser.
  • All pre order links are at the bottom of this message
  • All tours are now closed and payment is due by Friday 30 April
  • Don't forget to purchase your Rock Chick Rendezvous ticket to hang with Kristen Ashley on Thursday 7 July.  The ticket gets you a book, swag, T-shirt , and more time with one of your faves. She truly is a blast to hang with:
  • Volunteers are currently being assigned and we will be reaching out to you individually.  Remember if you want to volunteer those able to volunteer the entire day will be in early and will receive lunch.  If you would like to volunteer please email please give your name, if you are available for the day or certain hours, if you've ever volunteered at a signing before (not required) and which one.
  • RARE16 Storefront to open by the weekend
  • Meet & Greet tickets
  • We anymore authors be added or cancel?  We have no idea and we certainly hope there will not be any additional cancels.  And yes, Tina and I are always working on something... BWAHAHHHAHAHAAA
  • There are several surprises lined up and we can't wait for you to find out

 Recommended Reads


Do you like angst?  Do you like suspense?  Tiffany is your girl, she has written two series (they read really fast ) with angst, another one which is a bit darker than what she normally writes and a stand alone.  I hate admitting this but I only recently found Tiffany and it was from RARE.  Once I started I binge read The Kathleen Turner series and the Risky Business Trilogy...and I have recently started The Tangled Ivy Trilogy.  Obviously her stories are addicting whether it has the angst or suspense factor you will find yourself eagerly flipping the pages to the end. All her books are fantastic but Kathleen, well she has a special place in my heart.  Once you think you love her she irritates you, once you think she is on your last nerve you love her.  Andddd those boys Tiffany writes, holy moses are they to die for.  Every.Single.One.of.Them are hot in their own ways -enter the angst.  Decisions, Decisions, Decisions, if we could all be so lucky.  Honestly , I haven't chatted with anyone that hasn't loved her series.  If you are an angst lover, give her a try...
Amazon UK:
Amazon US:


I just don't get it..honestly I can not believe the number of our attendees that may not have read any of these freaking books?  It is utterly baffling to me.  RK is one of the most versatile romance writers i've read.  I've not read another romance author that writes stronger more likable female leads.  Even when their vulnerable, they aren't weak.  The Up In The Air series stars the B*stard James Cavendish who we LOVE to hate.  Sex on a stick, a cool drink of water, Alpha, controlling , millionaire...YES PLEASE. He will make you so mad at times but yet you will eat every page up to get to the end.  You have no idea what your missing... The audible is .99 and the first book is el cheapo.  OH and there is a book now Mr. Beautiful from ole James' point of view...HOT. Damn.  Don't forget about the novella LANA.  This is her own story moving forward and not a retelling, I normally despise novellas but this is my all time fave.

O.K. so James is too over the top for you?  How about some freaking Tristan?  Yeah good luck on not falling for this one.  Once you go in you won't stop.  I read and listened to all three of these beauts and yeah game. over.  He will be one of your favorite book boyfriends I guarantee it. The emotion in this one will keep you up until 3am on a work night, yes it is that good.  Go ahead try it , I dare you.

Need a little cray cray in your life?  Take a walk on the Wild Side, this trilogy is addicting.  You keep turning pages thinking nooo, yesssss, wth?  It too is a fast read.

The Other Man - stand alone hot read that has the characters from the Up In The Air series in the background.

Breaking Him & Breaking Her- Another fantastic lead character both the male and the female.  Scarlet is one of my faves.  This messy story has a little bit of everything and is R.K.'s newest releases-both are available and are just as page turning.

I challenge each of you to not only read one book from each attending author but pick up a book from R.K. Lilley.  I love them all but if alpha isn't your think Tristan and Danika may be.
Up In The Air  Amazon UK
Up in The Air Amazon US
Tristan & Danika UK
Tristan & Danika US
Breaking Him UK
Breaking Him  US


Portia Moore

Yes I know another series after I said don't get caught up in series.  Once you start , you won't put down this series until your done. A very fast read and I do highly recommend reading the novella.  Yes it is from his POV but once you start reading you will want to know everything.  I seriously can not tell you anything else because it would be a spoiler and I want your reaction to be organic. Like when your head explodes because YOU.HAD.NO.IDEA.  Oh and just wait until you meet miss innocent at RARE16, um no.  All cute and innocent looking , WHATEVER.  This story is heavily plot driven which is always a plus.  Portia's FIRST books have hundreds of 5 stars on Amazon UK, US, and Goodreads. When I saw the number of reviews I couldn't believe I hadn't heard of her.  I 1 clicked and had no idea..I love when that happens.  Mark my words this is the first of many whoppers to see from this author.  So happy for her and can't wait to see what she is working on next.
Amazon UK  Freeeeee
Amazon US  Freeeeee


So Tina , Adriane Leigh, Lee Casey, Terri E. Laine will start an epic road trip in Ireland on June  28 headquartered in Galway.  Starting July 2-6 Tina, Adriane, Terri, Neda, and I will continue through Scotland and will be housed outside of Inverness.  Dash Cams will be involved to record either the hilarity of the weeks or murder, it's still early.  Look for a mini van filled with a bunch of crazy women on a YouTube channel near you ...maybe.  If you live near by let us know, we would love to meet up with you while on the road.  Our goal is to be available in Edinburgh the evening of July 6 so we can spend meal times, evenings, and touring with all of you.  We will post each day what and where we will be and hopefully this time we can spend some quality time together.  #RAREroadies #findingJAMMF 


Make sure you tell all your favorite authors about #RARE17 Berlin 1 July 2017 and #RARE18 Italy May 2018. We already have a fantastic line up heading your way. Some new and some RARE alumni.